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Don’t Make THIS Critical Credit Mistake

Offers from banks for credit cards with cashback incentives, rewards programs, and 0% temporary rates might overwhelm your physical and virtual mailboxes. Beware! While the perks offered might tempt you to take advantage of applying for accounts, opening multiple credit cards simultaneously can hurt you financially. Here’s why.

4 Types of People Who Can See Your Credit Report

You probably realize how important it is to keep your credit score on an upward trend, but do you know who can see it and how? The truth is, many people can see your credit score along with your credit report, but only those with a genuine need can access the underlying information. Here are some legitimate organizations and people who might need your credit history.

Cash Back or Travel Rewards Credit Cards: Which Are Best?

When most people think of credit cards, they think of mounting debt, interest rates, and last resort spending. Yet, if you use these types of cards with a disciplined strategy, they could have some significant benefits. You might want to consider taking advantage of a cashback credit card or one giving you travel rewards for your purchases, but which one is best? The answer is: It depends.

What Your Credit Score Actually Means

Your credit score affects many aspects of your financial life, and the higher the number – the better. Most people know how important it is, but not many know what their credit score actually means. Banks and other creditors use a person’s credit score to determine how much risk they would take if they were to loan that person money. So, what goes into calculating your credit score number?

Are Credit Builder Loans Really Worth It?

Having a good credit score can provide you the opportunity to secure better interest rates on loans, qualify for certain jobs, or rent a house. Still, credit scores don’t just happen. You must build them from the ground up, and one way to do that is through a credit-builder loan. You might be wondering if credit builder loans are worth your time, and the answer is: They can be if you’re careful.

3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

Having a good credit score means you will get the best rate when borrowing money from a bank, give you the best chance at renting the house you want, and even land you a job you desire. If you have a low credit score and want to boost it, we have some simple suggestions that could take as little as 30 days to start showing results.