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Watch Out! 3 New Scams for 2023

Scammers will go to nefarious lengths to trick people out of money or sensitive information, which they might use to steal directly from their victims’ accounts. Sometimes these individuals assume a victim’s identity, spending their cash, taking out loans, and creating a tangled financial mess that can be difficult to unwind. The best way to avoid getting taken for a ride is to avoid the scam in the first place. But it’s hard to know what to look for with technology advancing and thieves becoming more creative. Look out for these three top ruses.

Could NFTs Be as Big as Bitcoin or Other Digital Currencies?

While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been around a while, non-fungible tokens are relatively new. The question of whether or not NFTs will be as big as the most popular digital currencies is answering itself every day. As more people and businesses begin to understand exactly what these wonders of the digital age entail, the more likely it seems the answer will be “yes.”