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3 Ways To Save Money at Christmas

As much as we intend to save up for the holidays, Christmas can seemingly come out of nowhere. Before you know it, freshly cut trees are on sale at the local grocery store, the food prices are high, and you still need money to buy presents and decorate. Don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to celebrate — even in a tough economy, where it’s hard to sock away cash. Here are three ideas.

4 Ways Living in a Tiny House Saves Big Bucks

One of the biggest expenses for many Americans is their mortgage, so downsizing can become an attractive possibility for saving money. Folks who want to take this move to the extreme might consider tiny homes an option — especially for empty nesters, retirees, singles, or small families. While not for everyone, these small dwellings can save you big bucks. Here’s how.

4 Tips To Minimize Your Winter Heating Bill

In many places, winter brings the promise of snow, hot chocolate by the fire, and holiday cheer. Unfortunately, the season also ushers in a whole new expense Americans haven’t seen since last year: heating bills. Depending on where you live, the amount could do a number on your budget for months. Here are some tips to help reduce the sting this winter.

4 Tips to Economize Without Compromising Your Quality of Life

With prices on an upward trend and wages struggling to keep up, many people want to find ways to save money. On the other hand, you still want to be able to live your life because, if not, what’s the point of it all? We’ve compiled a list of a few things you can do to reduce your bottom line costs while still enjoying all life offers.