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2 Signs You’re Ready to Buy a Home

Considering the enormous growth in the housing market since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, some people might be unsure whether they can or should buy a home. When making this decision, there are two factors to consider: whether you can afford it and if you will overpay in this inflated market. Certainly, no one wants to overpay on a home only to have it drop in value, but timing the market can be nearly impossible given the number of factors playing into it. 

Why You NEED a Written Budget

Without a system to track every place your money goes, it becomes difficult ever to get ahead or grow your wealth. People need written budgets to help them gain and keep control of their finances. Having everything planned out can give you unexpected freedom because you know where every penny is going and can adjust accordingly. Writing a budget and visiting it every few months allows you to make changes to match your evolving life.

Are You Financially Healthy?

No matter how much income you have, the best way to maintain a firm financial footing or grow wealth is to assess where you stand today. In fact, financial health is nearly as important as physical and mental help because all other areas of life become more difficult without it. With just a few simple steps, anyone can and should look at their financial picture to maintain or improve their finances.