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3 Popular Investment Strategies for Beginners

Stepping into the world of investing can be intimidating, and leaving your money in your local bank for safekeeping may seem tempting. Unfortunately, banks don’t offer much growth, and the only way to build your wealth is to brave the uncharted waters of the investment world. To succeed in this new venture, you need a strategy. Here are three of them to get you started.

What IS a Good Return on Investment?

That might lead you to wonder: What is a good return? The truth is, the answer depends on your goals and the amount of risk you’re willing or able to take while investing your hard-earned cash. Ideally, investments should at least surpass the inflation rate because, if not, your money loses its value as time passes by.

How to Automate Your Finances

Managing your finances doesn’t have to be monumental. In fact, in the age of technology, many business owners use automated strategies for their companies that can benefit your personal finances when you use them too. Many people set up automatic payments to take care of their credit card bills, but you can also automate most of your bills.

Best Strategies for Investing During Inflation

(MoneyHippo.com) – Given that the current inflation rate has ballooned to nearly 8%, reducing the value of every dollar spent, many wonder if there are any useful investments to inflation-proof their portfolios. In life, there are no guarantees, but there are some strategies investors could consider during periods of high inflation that could be beneficial […]