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4 Ways Living in a Tiny House Saves Big Bucks

One of the biggest expenses for many Americans is their mortgage, so downsizing can become an attractive possibility for saving money. Folks who want to take this move to the extreme might consider tiny homes an option — especially for empty nesters, retirees, singles, or small families. While not for everyone, these small dwellings can save you big bucks. Here’s how.

3 Reasons Retirement Nomads Take to the High Seas

Many people consider downsizing their homes when it’s time to retire and spending their time relaxing at vacation destinations they’ve never had the chance to visit before. Instead of choosing an apartment, condo, tiny home, or retirement village, some retirees are hitting the high seas for much of the year. But why would seniors choose this lifestyle for their golden years? Here are three top reasons.

Cats vs. Dogs: Which Is Thriftier?

When someone labels themselves as a dog or a cat person, they’re usually referring to their preference for the animal’s personality. No matter which pet you choose, it might be wise to consider the cost of a companion before making a final decision. Thinking about how much the pet will cost involves more than just the initial price — even if the pet is a free adoption. Making a head-to-head comparison is the best way to determine which one might drain your budget less over their lifetime.