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How Much Debt Is Too Much?

People often associate the word debt with something negative. Those looking to build wealth often hear advice suggesting they pay down their obligations to get on track. Yet, debt isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing. What matters is how much you carry compared to your income, what sort of financial commitments you have, and whether it’s a drain on your bottom line.

3 Personal Finance Podcasts for Young Professionals

Even though taking care of your finances can be a complex task, and most people could use all the help they can get, there are a variety of different sources to help. A great way to learn about various financial concepts and ideas surrounding money is to listen to podcasts covering a wide range of topics. Luckily, many podcasts are available for young professionals or anyone else interested in learning more about different aspects of personal finance, from saving to investing to wealth management.

How to Automate Your Finances

Managing your finances doesn’t have to be monumental. In fact, in the age of technology, many business owners use automated strategies for their companies that can benefit your personal finances when you use them too. Many people set up automatic payments to take care of their credit card bills, but you can also automate most of your bills.

Are You Financially Healthy?

No matter how much income you have, the best way to maintain a firm financial footing or grow wealth is to assess where you stand today. In fact, financial health is nearly as important as physical and mental help because all other areas of life become more difficult without it. With just a few simple steps, anyone can and should look at their financial picture to maintain or improve their finances.

Budgeting better

Budgeting is a way to plan money which will be spent every month and the way this will be done.  Zero-based budget is an upfront budget plan before the month even begins. Sometimes it is important to consult with a family member over its content. Budget for each month must be adjusted as different expenses […]