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3 Ways Practicing Delayed Gratification Might Help You Save Money

In the world of technology, where information is at your fingertips, and you can have pretty much anything delivered right to the door, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of instant gratification. But doing so can come at a high cost. Delaying gratification can help pay for things with cash rather than living beyond one’s means. Incorporating some delayed gratification practices might also mean the difference between whether or not you can even retire. Here are three ways the technique can help save you money.

4 Tips To Minimize Your Winter Heating Bill

In many places, winter brings the promise of snow, hot chocolate by the fire, and holiday cheer. Unfortunately, the season also ushers in a whole new expense Americans haven’t seen since last year: heating bills. Depending on where you live, the amount could do a number on your budget for months. Here are some tips to help reduce the sting this winter.

Can NFTs Really Help You Grow Your Money?

People looking for ways to grow their money and increase overall wealth might look toward the digital space. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are assets on the blockchain, like cryptocurrencies, and a relatively new asset you could add to your portfolio. The question is: Are they a good growth investment? The answer depends on the NFT itself.

Money Management Can Be Simple. Here’s Proof

Living paycheck to paycheck is a reality for most Americans, and it seems no matter how many times wages increase, the funds just disappear. The only way to avoid that scenario and properly manage your money is to track it. Having a budget might not sound attractive, but if you don’t track the money coming in and leaving, the little expenses here and there will whittle away at any extra cash you might have had. Ideally, you want to spend less than you make and use the surplus to build wealth – but how?