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How to Track Your Tax Refund

Once you file your taxes, it can feel like forever before you receive your refund. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) states processing refunds can take up to three weeks, but you can track your return’s movement through the system. All you have to do is visit the official IRS website, give them a bit of information, and the government will tell you the status of your refund.

Money Management Can Be Simple. Here’s Proof

Living paycheck to paycheck is a reality for most Americans, and it seems no matter how many times wages increase, the funds just disappear. The only way to avoid that scenario and properly manage your money is to track it. Having a budget might not sound attractive, but if you don’t track the money coming in and leaving, the little expenses here and there will whittle away at any extra cash you might have had. Ideally, you want to spend less than you make and use the surplus to build wealth – but how?

How to Track Down a Lost 401(k)

Most individuals will change employers several times throughout their working years. It’s possible during those career shifts, workers will unwittingly leave behind retirement benefits accumulated over their tenure with the company. For that reason, it’s important to know how to track down long-forgotten 401(k) accounts. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reclaim the lost retirement account and roll it into your current 401(k) or another retirement account.