3 Financial Scams of 2022 and How to Avoid Them

Author: Deb / Date: August 8, 2023 / Tags: avoiding scams

3 Financial Scams of 2022 and How to Avoid Them

(MoneyHippo.com) – If you ever look in your spam folder, you would likely see many emails telling you that you’ve inherited money from a distant relative or won the lottery when you never bought a ticket — obvious scams. Yet, there are other creative ways scammers come for your money that are less apparent. To avoid these, here are a few examples and how to avoid falling victim to them.

  1. Rental Help: With rent rates going through the roof and eviction protections gone, some fraudsters are targeting those struggling to pay their rent. The scammers impersonate the government, offering rental assistance to people in need, asking for application money and personal information to steal. Avoid this scam by contacting the rental assistance source and only applying for verified and legitimate help.
  2. Suspicious Activity: Someone may email, text, or call you because they saw suspicious activity on one of your accounts. They impersonate companies or organizations to obtain personal information and use urgency to make you panic. Avoid this scam by staying calm, hanging up, and calling the business or agency directly to ask if there is a problem. Don’treply or click on any links if it’s an email or message.
  1. Looking for Love: Online dating is a way many people meet, but it can be fraught with scammers using your desire to find love for their own gain. They might claim to be in trouble with the law or be a scam victim, asking you to bail them out. Don’t do it. If someone you don’t know asks for money or information about your bank account, say no and sever the connection.

By keeping your eyes open, you can avoid traps that may seem obvious only in hindsight.

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