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Do you have a skill and want to freelance but don’t know how to get orders? Well, this might be frustrating but don’t you worry as in this post, we’ll cover exactly that.

There are a myriad of gig-work sites but no site matches the level and popularity of Upwork and Fiverr.

Fiverr and Upwork

Fiverr has no barriers to entry so you are bound to receive a huge competition. Upwork on the other hand, has barriers to entry and it only allows entry if you meet their required criteria.

Fiverr allows you to send unlimited buyer requests but if you don’t apply to a new gig within the first 5-10 mins, you might not stand a chance to land it. This is because within minutes, 100s of people apply to that gig. 

On Upwork, you are allowed to send only 30 proposals. After that you’ll have to pay to be able to send more proposals. So don’t waste them by sending them mindlessly.

Things get easier once you complete the first few orders with a 5 star rating. You then start getting inbound leads based on your profile, reviews and ratings.

Freelancing Tips You Must Use

  • Have a completed and updated profile that mentions your expertise and experience.
  • Write personalized buyer requests and proposals.
  • Deliver the work before time and allow a few revisions.
  • Make sure the client is 101% satisfied. This way you can retain them and also earn a word of mouth from them.

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