How To Find Money You Didn't Even Know Was Lost

How To Find Money You Didn’t Even Know Was Lost

( – No matter what’s happening in the nation’s economy, most people would be happy to find some extra money hidden way back in a dresser drawer or inside the pocket of last year’s winter jacket. What if you had cash or property somewhere and didn’t even know it was missing? The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators reported that 1 out of every 10 people in America has “unclaimed property or money.” Here’s how to find out if that’s you.

To start searching for yet-to-be-claimed funds or assets, visit — a site that gathers data from everywhere across the US. When you access the page, scroll down and choose the states you want to search. The site will direct you to another page, where you can enter your information for free. If you’ve lived in multiple areas, you’ll probably want to check to scan them all simultaneously.

Other places to search include:

During your quest, remember all the banks you’ve used and your previous employers. Contacting them directly might help you find assets you may have left behind. Happy hunting!

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