I held the check with both hands as my eyes filled up with tears´┐╝

breaking free of handcuffs

I held the check with both hands and just kept staring at it. I stared at my name, I stared at the amount. $25,000. It meant I didn’t have to worry about paying rent next month. It meant I didn’t have to ask friends or relatives to borrow money again. It meant I was back, and this was a new beginning.

As I stared at it, my eyes starting filling up with tears, as I thought about the struggles of the past and how difficult at times it was to be an entrepreneur. The times I wished I was like my older brother, the engineer with a steady paycheck, or my younger brother, the doctor who never had to borrow money to pay his bills.

As I stared at that check, I couldn’t imagine that just a couple years later, I would make more in a month than their combined annual salaries, that I would make over $100K on an average deal and do those regularly, that I would own multiple properties free and clear, or that I would be speaking to packed rooms at real estate clubs. I was just sitting there alone, staring at the check, letting the emotions and tears wash over me, and vowing to make a new beginning and a better life for myself.
Can you relate to this feeling?
I’m going to be sharing with you here, at MoneyHippo, strategies to improve your financial situation.
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All I ask is for you to keep an open mind, and you will learn practical financial information you can use.

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