Need Help With Food, Housing, or Paying Bills? Dialing 211 Might Help

Need Help With Food, Housing, or Paying Bills? Dialing 211 Might Help

( – The United States has many programs to help its citizens, but sometimes knowing what is available and how to get there can be a challenge. To access the most up-to-date resources in your area that can help you with your essential needs, you can call 211 and speak to an expert anytime, day or night. In fact, you can access over 200 agencies for assistance using that number.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) launched the program in 2000. More recently, United Way Worldwide boosted public awareness during the height of the pandemic to inform more people about the resource during the critical time.

The 211 system can connect those in need with:

  • Programs to help veterans, seniors, and individuals with disabilities
  • Basic Human needs, including food, shelter, and rent or utility assistance
  • Locating safe havens from abuse
  • Physical and mental health resources, including insurance programs, clinics, crisis intervention, support groups, suicide prevention, and substance abuse intervention and rehabilitation programs
  • Finding a job or improving your education

When you call, text, or chat with the helpful staff on the other end of the line, they’ll connect you to a specialist in your area familiar with your local programs. Your call can be anonymous — you don’t have to provide your name or personal details other than your location to receive valuable assistance. The service is also available to aid you when you need it, operating 24/7 daily.

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