Side hustles/passive income

photographer taking a picture
Photo by Ailbhe Flynn on Unsplash

Online marketing usually comes with usage of images, but the infringement of copyrights often occurs. Many people don’t read the print on these photos to see if they can use them in the desired way. Licensing a photo, if you are the owner of rights upon it can be a good extra source of income from user fees. 

Mystery shopping is another way of providing extra income, as retail stores, restaurants or banks often hire these companies to investigate the quality of their service and customer satisfaction. Persons working for these companies visit the premises of their clients, unannounced or without acknowledgment that they are not ordinary customers and witness first-hand customer experience. They act as the independent external auditors, and often match the profile of the targeted customers.

Another source of passive income can be an affiliate program, convenient for blog or website owners. They are paid by the companies which advertise on their online premises, where blogs/sites redirect traffic to them.  

Self-service economy has become a much talked and requested concept, by the consumers and companies alike, ranging from websites to on-site retail. Today it does not just include post-sale services but also ones during the pre-sale phase. The example of this type of approach is Booking. Com, currently one of Google’s biggest clients. Customers like to find information on sites or to be notified through emails, rather than being contacted by phone. As for the sales phase, obvious examples are car washers, laundry shops, e-stores or vending machines’ premises.