Starting a business as a freelancer

freelancer at a desk
Photo by Faizur Rehman on Unsplash

There are multiple advantages when you are a freelance business owner: you choose when, how and in what way you are operating, there is no direct supervisor over you and potential gain is not fixed. It would mean that it all depends (salary in the first place) on how much you are working in terms of hours a week. Salary can also depend on the sector in which you choose to operate, as there are areas which are more and less profitable. Once you decide for this undertaking, the next step is to choose a legal form for your company, sole proprietorship or limited liability.

The first one is easier to start, accountant fees are lower, but you are fully reliable for the success or failure of your business, sometimes with your personal assets. Second one is more difficult to start, there are higher accountant fees, but personal liability of the owner is excluded.

One very important feature when you are a freelancer is that you are responsible for finding work for your company. Best way to do so is through freelancing sites, like Upwork, Guru or Fiverr. Fiverr is very good for those in the social media marketing or web development sphere but has high commission rates with every job you do. Upwork is more suitable for programmers and writers, but also has high service fees. Guru, good for companies and individuals, doesn’t have these fees and registration is free, but there are potential concerns, in terms of fake clients, on this platform.

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