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Examining Your Goals: Dying With Zero

“Die With Zero” by Bill Perkins is a book about maximizing your life and not necessarily your bank account. The author aims to change people’s relationship with money by encouraging them to prepare for the future while also avoiding “mindlessly saving” for retirement. Perkins believes individuals should spend their money while they can still enjoy living and having memorable experiences.

3 Reasons Not To Name Your Estate as Your IRA Beneficiary

One of the last things you might think about when setting up finances is preparing assets for those you leave behind. Choosing beneficiaries is an excellent first step in planning. Failing to pick a person or persons to receive your IRA may result in the estate becoming the beneficiary by default. Some individuals could even make the designation specifically on the forms, but making that choice might be a mistake.

The One Financial Plan Everyone Should Have

To most people, financial planning means creating a budget, saving for emergencies, and building a retirement nest egg. Yet, one aspect of an individual’s financial life often seems to fall through the cracks because people don’t like to think about it — estate planning.