Examining Your Goals: Dying With Zero

Examining Your Goals: Dying With Zero

(MoneyHippo.com) – “Die With Zero” by Bill Perkins is a book about maximizing your life and not necessarily your bank account. The author aims to change people’s relationship with money by encouraging them to prepare for the future while also avoiding “mindlessly saving” for retirement. Perkins believes individuals should spend their money while they can still enjoy living and having memorable experiences.

Here are some rules the book outlines to help you follow the author’s philosophy:

  • Fill your life with positive experiences.
  • Start adding to those experiences as early as possible.
  • Give money and resources to your children and charities when it has the most impact.
  • Live a considered life. Don’t operate on automatic.
  • Know when to stop increasing wealth. 
  • Take the greatest risks when you have the least to lose.

As mentioned, Perkins thinks readers should concentrate on creating positive life experiences rather than stockpiling money for a rainy day. Although the title implies the author is encouraging people to blow all their cash on themselves, that’s far from the truth. The book encourages those who want to die with zero to give funds to charities and their children when the money will help the most.

Instead of making a bucket list after the years have passed, Perkins encourages readers to break up their lives into time “seasons.” Using a timeline as a visual reminder, the author encourages readers to choose experiences for each season in life. That way, the goals are less arbitrary and reactionary and more proactive and attainable.

Have you read “Die With Zero”? 

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