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The One Financial Plan Everyone Should Have

To most people, financial planning means creating a budget, saving for emergencies, and building a retirement nest egg. Yet, one aspect of an individual’s financial life often seems to fall through the cracks because people don’t like to think about it — estate planning.

4 Types of People Who Can See Your Credit Report

You probably realize how important it is to keep your credit score on an upward trend, but do you know who can see it and how? The truth is, many people can see your credit score along with your credit report, but only those with a genuine need can access the underlying information. Here are some legitimate organizations and people who might need your credit history.

3 Financial Reasons to Consider Buying a Used Car

Driving by a dealership and seeing all the shiny, new cars might tempt you to stop and take a test drive. Before you do, consider buying a used car instead. With the depreciation rate on a new car, you lose thousands of dollars as soon as you drive off the lot. When you know that, purchasing a car right off the assembly line might not seem quite as attractive anymore. Here are a few more reasons to go for a pre-owned vehicle instead of a new one.

How to Research Unusual Insurance

When the topic of insurance comes up, most people think about life, health, auto, and home, but those aren’t the only types to consider. There are other events and things in life you might want to think about covering, like a wedding, divorce, or pet. Because unusual insurance policies aren’t something most people know about or invest in, it’s important to research them thoroughly before buying a policy.