How to Research Unusual Insurance

How to Research Unusual Insurance

How to Research Unusual Insurance

( – When the topic of insurance comes up, most people think about life, health, auto, and home, but those aren’t the only types to consider. There are other events and things in life you might want to think about covering, like a wedding, divorce, or pet. Because unusual insurance policies aren’t something most people know about or invest in, it’s important to research them thoroughly before buying a policy. You want to know how much you’ll pay for the premium and whether the cost of coverage is worth the benefit.

For instance, you’ve likely heard about life insurance, but there are also policies you could buy to cover specific types of death or dismemberment. These include insurance for body parts like a piano player’s fingers or a dancer’s legs, but also there’s insurance for odd causes of death, like death-by-laughter, in case a person laughs themselves into the grave. Yes, such policies exist.

While that particular insurance might make you giggle and could cover the people who actually die, some comedians push for the coverage to protect them in case someone in their audience dies while listening to their routine.

Some other odd insurances include:

  • Contest and lottery
  • Falling coconut
  • Multiple births
  • Paranormal (think ghosts, zombies, and witches)
  • Irreplaceable talent

When researching these unusual insurances, read the fine print, consider the premium cost compared to the likelihood the incident might occur, check the coverage, and perhaps consult an attorney to look over the contract before you sign on the bottom line.

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