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3 Steps You Should Take to Retool Your Relationship With Money and Why

Thinking about money causes some people stress. Their anxiety may be due to a lack of funds or knowledge, the shame one might feel about not being able to handle financial obligations, or an emergency when it arrives. The good news? You can change your relationship with money, giving you more control over your finances and reducing the stress in your life when looking at your bank account.

These 90s Collectibles are Worth Big Bucks

Whether you have bins in your garage, attic, or basement, chances are you have some toys from your childhood or your kids’ younger years. If any of those are from the 90s, you might be sitting on a gold mine. Even if you don’t have any toys from that era, you could go garage sale hunting to gather some collectibles. Here are a few you might want to keep an eye out for as you declutter.

When Money Emergencies Strike, Do This First

When the coronavirus pandemic shut down the world in March 2020, the event caught everyone off guard, leaving many jobless and scrounging to support their families. Consequently, many discovered how important it is to have an emergency fund. Yet, saving takes time and, well, money. So, what can you do when the next emergency happens before you have a chance to build up a fund without landing in a worse position than when you started?