This Millionaire Lost Everything. Here’s How He Plans to Rebuild

This Millionaire Lost Everything. Here’s How He Plans to Rebuild

( – Many people think once they become a millionaire, their wealth can only go up from there. Unfortunately, former millionaire Mark Tilbury proves that isn’t always the case because he reportedly lost everything and now has to build from scratch. The great news is he stated anyone could start from zero and become a millionaire. Although the entrepreneur admits it’s not an easy journey, he has a plan and encourages others to follow his path.

The first piece of advice he gives is to start building wealth when you’re young because time is the best asset to have for growth. However, anyone can start to build at any age. Tilbury said the first place to start is by becoming an employee to start earning the main income while starting a side hustle and saving the extra cash. Once the person has enough savings set aside, he recommends self-employment to generate earnings while keeping the side hustle.

The next step in the road to becoming a millionaire, according to Tilbury, is to start a business and hire employees to help it grow. The goal is to create multiple streams of income that bring in revenue day and night, adding to your overall wealth. He says it’s important to take a piece of your income and invest in appreciable assets like real estate and passive income products you can generate one time and have them continue to bring in revenue, like informational guides or YouTube videos.

Although building your own wealth takes time and a lot of effort, Tilbury believes anyone can do it with the right motivation, knowledge, and a never-give-up attitude.

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