3 Personal Finance Podcasts for Young Professionals

3 Personal Finance Podcasts for Young Professionals

(MoneyHippo.com) – Even though taking care of your finances can be a complex task, and most people could use all the help they can get, there are a variety of different sources to help. A great way to learn about various financial concepts and ideas surrounding money is to listen to podcasts covering a wide range of topics. Luckily, many podcasts are available for young professionals or anyone else interested in learning more about different aspects of personal finance, from saving to investing to wealth management.

Finance guru Dave Ramsey doesn’t exactly have a podcast, but he reposts his broadcasts in that format, so listeners can enjoy and learn.

A great podcast to add to your listening list is The Stacking Benjamins Show. The airings last an hour, and each episode covers four separate topics to help people better manage their money. So, there’s a lot of information packed into each broadcast.

Money Peach Podcast is a bit shorter at 45 minutes per episode, but the program gives listeners an interesting perspective on earning money and creating a budget. The podcaster incorporates stories from various entrepreneurs and business owners for ideas and inspiration.

Hearing different perspectives and learning the ins and outs of money from various podcast sources could help you create a financial management system better tailored to your life.

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