3 Side Gigs Couples Can Manage Together

3 Side Gigs Couples Can Manage Together

(MoneyHippo.com) – Bringing in extra cash can help make ends meet or pad savings accounts regardless of the current economy, but adding more work to the day might reduce the time you spend with family. What if you could hang out with your partner while bringing in the extra dough? Side gigs make optimal use of skills and resources in many cases. Let’s look at three interesting side gigs you might start and run as a couple.

  1. Kids and pets: People going on vacation or who work long hours might need someone to take care of their furry friends, creating an opportunity for you to start a business. Rover is a good place to find clients. If you’re good with kids and have some experience, you can also offer babysitting services to allow parents a night on the town or an afternoon of freedom with friends. 
  2. Around the house: If you or your partner have an affinity for landscaping, cleaning, or repair, offering those services could be popular around the neighborhood and beyond. You can advertise online to bring in clients and talk to neighbors to spread the word about your business the old-fashioned way.
  1. Virtual services: Using the power of the Internet and your combined expertise, the two of you could virtually teach other people a new skill, such as a new language, knitting, trombone playing, or juggling. Additionally, if you live somewhere others might find interesting, try leading virtual tours of the area for individuals who can’t travel, highlighting favorite places only locals know.

Side hustles don’t have to take you away from loved ones. Use your creativity to brainstorm ideas together and make them a reality.

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