3 Unexpected Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Author: Deb / Date: August 7, 2023 / Tags: entrepreneurship

3 Unexpected Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs
3 Unexpected Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

(MoneyHippo.com) – Being an entrepreneur means seeing an opportunity, striking out on your own, and building a team to form a competitive business. If that sounds exciting, you might wonder what it takes to muster the courage and ingenuity to identify opportunities and breathe ideas into life. While there are several common entrepreneurial traits like passion, dedication, optimism, and motivation, there are a few unexpected traits you might want to examine as well. Many successful entrepreneurs share the following three unexpected traits:

  1. Insecure: Strangely, being insecure rather than confident can lead to success because individuals tend to hyperfocus to avoid failure. Insecurity is also something most people can relate to, making entrepreneurs more human to those around them. Fear can become a powerful driver, and insecurity can actually help create important bonds.
  2. Troublemakers: Another surprising trait shared by many successful entrepreneurs is they often get into trouble as kids and teens. As adults, they see solutions to situations or problems. Sometimes they decide to implement their solutions with the attitude that it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission. Successful entrepreneurs are rarely happy with the status quo and look for changes and improvements.
  1. Outsiders: An unusual trait some entrepreneurs share is breaking into markets as outsiders and bringing fresh perspectives. That doesn’t mean they don’t do their homework, but they come at old problems with new eyes. The trick is for creative, innovative entrepreneurs to recognize their people management skills might need work, or they might need to delegate that aspect.

Success comes from many different vectors. Not everyone follows the same paths or has the same talents, and some traits are entirely unexpected but dovetail perfectly. Becoming a successful entrepreneur still requires hard work and dedication, but there’s room for quirks and individuality, too.

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