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3 Unexpected Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur means seeing an opportunity, striking out on your own, and building a team to form a competitive business. If that sounds exciting, you might wonder what it takes to muster the courage and ingenuity to identify opportunities and breathe ideas into life. While there are several common entrepreneurial traits like passion, dedication, optimism, and motivation, there are a few unexpected traits you might want to examine as well. Many successful entrepreneurs share the following three unexpected traits:

5 Unusual Side Gigs to Supplement Income

With out-of-control inflation and the price of nearly everything going up, many people are looking for ways to supplement their income. Although side gigs are nothing new, it might be smart to turn to unusual ideas where there’s less competition. Besides, converting hobbies into an additional source of income can be fun and rewarding.

How to Research Unusual Insurance

When the topic of insurance comes up, most people think about life, health, auto, and home, but those aren’t the only types to consider. There are other events and things in life you might want to think about covering, like a wedding, divorce, or pet. Because unusual insurance policies aren’t something most people know about or invest in, it’s important to research them thoroughly before buying a policy.