Best Credit Cards

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With a new year coming, you might be finding yourself trying to come up with a new credit card to apply for. But there are so many out there – how can you possibly know which one to choose from?

Additionally, you may be going for a cashless scenario with the COVID-19 pandemic on the rise. As such, you might be debating between Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay vs. Google Pay.

Promotional Credits

One of the great determinants for choosing a credit card should always be what sort of invitation or signing bonuses each company is offering you. If there’s a way to get the same value for less, there’s no reason not to chase those cool bonuses!

Apple Pay Vs. Samsung Pay Vs. Google Pay

Make sure to do your research before you settle on a specific payment service; there is some information that might be good for you to have before you decide.

For example, both Apple Pay and Google Pay use NFC (which is the abbreviation for near-field communication, which is how touch payments work with credit cards). When you’re dealing with NFC technology, you’ll be able to just touch your phone against a payment terminal and voilà, payment!

On the flipside, Samsung Pay uses another technology on top of NFC, which gives you more payment options and will allow you to pay at more places. The other technology that Samsung Pay uses is called MSF (magnetic secure transmission) which, rather than interacting with systems that read NFC emissions, makes the Samsung Pay deceive (phone, tablet, etc.) pretend it’s an actual credit card with a magnetic strip.

In a more basic way of looking at it, Apple Pay and Google Pay can only be used at terminals which offer tap capabilities, while Samsung can be use at any terminal that allows you to swipe your credit card.

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