Best Ways to Pay

paying with a digital wallet
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In many parts of the world, paper money and physical carrying of credit cards has slowly become a thing of the past. These digital payments are safer, quicker and larger in volume. There are three main digital payment platforms analyzed here: Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. These platforms have their characteristics, and with that strengths and weaknesses. 

  • In the US, Apple Pay has more than 40 million users, where 85% of merchants accept this type of payment.
  • Google Pay is best for Android users and has an option of addition of loyalty cards, with over 20 million users in the US.
  • Samsung Pay offers its users the possibility to use Samsung Money Account, where they would earn interest on money deposited. However, it requires them to have a Samsung device in order to use it. Currently it has above 16 million users, but its growth has been more constant over the last few years.

Apple Pay demands from its users to have one of Apple iPhones in order to use it as a payment system. Whenever users travel worldwide, they can use this payment system in stores like Starbucks or KFC. Google Pay uses NFC technology to process payments, where the platform has installed card information that can be easily read by the card reader. Samsung Pay is accepted by more than a 1,000 banks, loan or credit unions all over the world, with an option to add VISA, MasterCard or American Express to it, when you use its electronic wallet.

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