Creating (and sticking to!) a Financial Calendar

financial planning calendar
Source: Estée JanssensUnsplash

Organization can be an essential to creating a better life for yourself. When you make a plan, you’ve already taken the first step to impact your life. When you’re ready to take control of your finances, organization is key. To start you need clear goals and a financial calendar can help with that.

How do you get started? 

Step One: Examine your Expenditures
Take a look at your monthly expenditures and see how your spending changes from month to month. Weather patterns, travel, personal expenses, holidays; each can play into how your spending changes from month to month. Listing them on the calendar can help you understand your fluctuations and your fixed yearly expenditures.

This is the beginning of examining your financial status!

Step Two: Examine the Changes You Wish to Make
Now is the chance to look at what you intend to change. Is there an area that needs more financial support to grow? For example you could set a goal to have $10k in retirement savings by next year. Is there an area that has been growing but you now need to cease or cut spending? Maybe you choose to schedule your nights out with friends less often to save for a few months. All of this will be clear when you lay out the calendar.

Make sure to think ahead, and even though a year can seem like a far plan, look at a five or even ten year plan if possible. Each item you input into the calendar.

This should help you prioritize your financial goals!

Step Three: Stick to Your Plan!
Nothing changes until you do. Change is hard, but if you can stick to it, the financial rewards are generous!

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