Do You Have Too Much in Savings? (Start Investing)

It takes months, even years of dedication to reach certain goals, and saving can be one of them. It is exciting when you hit your savings goals, but can you save too much? You want your money to work for you, not stand still. So, what do we do when we have too much in savings? Start investing! There are a lot of investment opportunities out there. Where to begin depends on several factors including how quickly you’re looking to make money, how hands-on or hands-off you want to be with your investment, what risks you’re willing to take and more.  Here are some suggestions to help you get started: 

Stock Market

Wildly unpredictable, highly volatile, but a lot of potential. Research patterns, follow company breakthroughs (or break-ups), and of course you can always turn to reddit and follow the trends if nothing else (hello, GameStop millionaires!). Big risk, big rewards! 


Similar to the stock market, cryptocurrency goes up and down everyday. Those who invested early in Bitcoin are celebrating the chance they took on this platform for investing. There are many cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and the well known Dogecoins, Ethereum, and other popular currencies. Start researching up and coming cryptocurrencies and maybe you’ll be the next crypto billionaire!

Real Estate

Owning a piece of land means owning something of constant value. Renting out the home can provide extra income. You can “flip” homes, which is the fun way to say you will renovate and sell a property. Either way, real estate is a great way to turn your savings into a growing stockpile!

Business Investment

We are surrounded by business opportunities. Local businesses are also looking to grow too! From friends to local diners, they may have the chance for you to invest some of your hard earned cash and change not only your life, but your community too!

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