How To Ask for a Raise

You’ve woken up early, stayed late, performed your duties on time and made the company money. Now it’s time to focus on YOUR money. You’ve worked hard and you believe it’s time that work be noticed and rewarded. But how do you ask for a raise?

Pay attention to your timing! You’re not asking a company, you’re asking your manager. If you want to set yourself up for success, pay attention to your manager’s mood before you make your request. Is there a client issue or a traffic jam on the highway making everyone late? Not a good time to ask. On the flip side, if you just rocked a few projects back-to-back-to-back (notice the three “back’s”), then this may be a good time to stroll into the office. Also, be aware of when the company typically gives out raises. Is it based on your anniversary, or is the same month every year that they do reviews. Asking around the proper time can help ensure your success.

Knowledge isn’t power, but the USE of knowledge – that is power. Any bit of information could help, so research some salaries across similar companies to know what range you could be receiving. It’s important to stress the word ‘could’ because companies use similar titles for different job responsibilities. But finding out you are underpaid in your geographical region is definitely a compelling talking point for your manager meeting.

Less is more
When you begin your conversation about requesting a raise, your manager will realize what you are about to ask. Be confident, direct, and to the point. You don’t need a large powerpoint, but do present key points as to why you deserve the raise (ex. Performing well at work, average pay based on area and job duties, etc.). Keep in mind that some managers need to discuss this before granting the raise; if so, prepare a very short note card of your key points to make their job of selling you even easier.

Now, go forth and conquer! 

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