Lesser Known Cryptos

SHIBA hit a record price on Oct. 26 // Data via Yahoo Finance

So the other day we gave you a broad overview of crypto: Bitcoin, Litecoin, how they work, and asked you to reply with some of your favorite crypto coins!

We got some good and some very interesting responses!!! Gotta love that SHIBA 😂😂 thanks Elon!

One thing I wanted to cover today was something a little less well-known. Earning interest in crypto!

Most people don’t even know that this exists. You can see a little bit of it if you have a Coinbase account. A few of the coins in there earn interest daily!

For instance, if you own ALGO, you can be earning a 4% APR paid daily in crypto. Same with XTZ at 4.63% APR. It’s based on the price of course, as the price goes up you get more deposited into your account every day, and of course the opposite when we watch it dip. Either way though, earning interest on crypto just sitting there is freaking awesome! And just for fun, in the past year, ALGO has gone up 400% and XTZ has gone up 128%.

And, of course, for those folks who don’t like to see so much up and down every day, you can buy a USD coin which is stable, and Coinbase pays 0.15% APR…. kinda weak in my opinion though compared to other things that are out there.

And sadly right now you can’t earn any interest on your Bitcoin or Ethereum (the #2 crypto) on Coinbase.

However, check out the Celsius app when you get a chance. As of right now you can earn a whopping 10% APR on your cash. That’s some of the best interest on stable cash I’ve seen! And if you store your Bitcoin there, you’ll be earning 6.2% APR paid out in Bitcoin… and Ethereum is paying out 5.35% right now.

As you may have guessed, I’ve been quickly moving lots of my assets from Coinbase to Celsius just based off of the amount of money they are paying out in interest for you keeping your coins on their platform.

📣 Got any additional advice along these lines? Please reply to this email and let me know. I’d love to highlight something awesome that you’re doing with our community!!!

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