Save Gas Money Using These Methods

Save Gas Money Using These Methods

( – With gas prices continuing to put a strain on every driver’s budget, most people are looking for methods to save at the pump. Luckily, Mike Quincy from Consumer Reports has easy tips to follow that might reduce fuel expenses. In addition to using rewards programs from places like Kroger to give you a break on a price per gallon, try these methods to save yourself money.

Quincy recommends keeping your gas tank at the half-full mark and stopping to top off when you see the price come down a bit. Incorporating this tip will eliminate the need for an emergency stop for gas and paying whatever price stations post for the day.

Keep your tires inflated to the correct pressures and empty the trunk. Dealing with resistance from the road because of improperly inflated tires and carrying extra weight cause your car to burn more gas and send you to the pump more frequently. In addition, stick to the speed limit and drive without sudden stops or accelerations because traveling at excessive rates and constantly stepping on the gas pedal uses more gasoline.

Finally, stick with name-brand gas stations because they use additives, making their fuel more efficient. Lastly, only use premium if your car requires you to use higher octane fuel.

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